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Dog Daycare & Other Services

Dogs playing at Zipidy Do Dog Daycare

Dog Daycare

Need your dog to go somewhere only for the day? We also provide daycare services 7 days a week! Daycare dogs get to come and socialize just like our overnight guests. We provide either individual care or group play depending on each dogs’ personality. We do not require an evaluation prior to participating in daycare but we do require an application and current vaccinations records just like our overnight guests. We do evaluations as dogs come in and if we feel a certain dog is not suitable to socialize in groups, we will accommodate individual care!

Note: For more information about our application and vaccination requirements please see our Boarding page.

Daycare reservations are appreciated! We have many frequent daycare visitors that come consistent days every week. In that case we just schedule those days in advance and parents will update us weekly if their regular days will need to be shifted. Other parents may call or text day of, to check in and make sure we have availability. There are times we cannot accept walk in daycare clients because we do not have the space available to do so. Usually in the summer months, especially on weekends, and during busy holidays we fill up so if you know off dates you absolutely need daycare, please make reservations.

If you have any further questions about our daycare services and availability, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Dog Baths

We offer dog baths upon request. We will wait until the end of each dogs stay before bathing them so they are as clean as possible when they are picked up by their parents. A bath includes a scrub down, dry off, and nail trim. We do not offer any haircuts, de-matting, or de-shedding.

Prices vary depending on dog’s size, coat type, and temperament but here is a basic breakdown:

  • Small Dog: $20.00
  • Medium Dog: $30.00
  • Large Dog: $40.00
  • XLarge Dog: $50.00+
  • Nail trims: $10.00

If you have any further questions about our dog bathing services, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Dog Shuttling

Would you like to use our services but have trouble transporting your dog to us? We offer shuttling services where we help with the transportation. For example, does your dog need somewhere to go for the day but you have to be to work before we open at 8am? No problem! We can come pickup your dog and bring them to our Resort so they can play all day while you work. Or do you return late from your trip where you will miss our pickup hours? No problem! We can shuttle your dog home at the end of the day so your dog is home waiting for you. This is an extra service we offer that makes things much more convenient for you and your pup! Restrictions do apply: we only will shuttle to Redmond addresses and time we are available to shuttle varies. Cost is $10 per trip.

If you are interested in our dog shuttling services, you must contact us for further arrangements!

Dog Walking

Does your dog need special accommodations to be walked? We provide limited dog walking services but usually can accommodate to requests. Overnight guests that require individual care are typically placed in an outdoor run that’s fully fenced and connected to our facility. This is where they can take their potty breaks, sunbath, weather permitting have their own private pool, and often snuggle with staff. We also do rotations of our individual care dogs to a bigger play yard where they have more room to run, for example, if they are a ball obsessed dog we can go play fetch! On occasion we get requests to take dogs out of our facility and walk them. An example would be a dog recovering for knee surgery where they need exercised but with restrictions on movement. When walking dogs, we stay on the property, and typically go up and down our private driveway.


  • 15 Minutes = $15
  • 30 Minutes = $20
  • 45 Minutes = $25
  • 60 Minutes = $30

If dogs are boarding and you want multiple walks a day, we allow time to be split up in 15-minute increments. For example, two 15-minute walks within the same day would be the cost of a 30 minute walk.

In the past we have also come to our client’s house to offer our dog walking services. If this is something your interested in, we charge a $10 shuttle fee on top of the price for walking time desired. We do not split up the time into increments like we allow when dogs are staying at our facility. For example, if you select a 30-minute walk we will come to your house one time for the day and walk your dog for 30 minutes!

If you are interested in our dog walking services, you must contact us for further arrangements!