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Zipidy Do Dog Resort provides excellent care for your dog in a fun, safe, and clean environment. All dogs in our care have the opportunity to spend a majority of the day out of their rooms, socializing with other dogs and our loving staff. Each dog’s individual personalities help determine what activities they can enjoy participating in. If dogs do not do well in group play, then we can provide individual care. If dogs like to play and socialize with other dogs then we group according to size and energy levels. No matter their preference, your dog will have fun during their stay!


We must have a completed application/agreement before we can accept your dog. You can complete the agreement/application online.


You must provide us with proof of vaccinations before your dog can stay with us. We require three vaccinations; Rabies, Bordetella and a Combo vaccination which you will see abbreviated as DHP, DHLP, DHPP, etc on your vaccination certificate. We also recommend an influenza vaccination, but at this time it is not required. WE DO NOT ACCEPT SELF VACCINATIONS! The only exception is if your veterinarian verifies you have given the vaccination, records the vaccinations and can provide you with the records. Some offices will do this and others will not. It is much more reliable to have your veterinarian or a vaccination clinic give your dog his/her appropriate vaccinations. We do not have a Fax, so please email vaccination records to zipidydodog@gmail.com or bring in a copy.

Puppies and Vaccinations: We understand many veterinarians want to wait until your puppy is six months old before giving the Rabies vaccination. If you puppy is younger than six months old, and has completed all three rounds of the combo series and their Bordetella vaccination, we will allow your puppy to stay with us BUT we will not mix them into our social groups. Once your puppy is current on all vaccinations, then they can participate in social groups. Note: Your puppy is allowed to socialize with other dogs from the same household if applicable.

It is your responsibility to provide us with updated vaccination records!


Please call, text, or email us with the dates you need your dog to stay with us. We are usually flexible with reservations but there are times that all our rooms get booked. Typically, we do not require a deposit to hold your reservation. We just ask for your courtesy of letting us know about any cancellations or changes to your reservations as soon as possible. There will be a deposit to hold your reservation only if it falls on a major holiday and when this applies, we will go over the deposit information with you at time of reservation.


We do not require an appointment to tour our facility, you’re welcome to stop by anytime during business hours. However, we have times that are busier than others where there may be a brief wait before someone is available to walk you through out Resort. If you would like to bring your dog with you on a tour, that is ok with us but you must provide their current vaccinations before he/she can come into the building. We also ask that you do not try to pet or handle any of our other guests during your tour.



One Dog = $30/night

Two Dogs = $50/night

Three Dog = $65/night


One Dog = $180/week

Two Dogs = $300/week

Three Dogs = $390/week


One Dog = $600/month

Two Dogs = $1000/month

Three Dogs = $1200/month

Rates for two dogs and three dogs only apply when dogs are sharing the same room.

If you pick up your dog during afternoon hours, there will be a late checkout fee of $15 per dog.

If you have more than three dogs please call for a quote.


We strongly recommend bringing your dog’s own food. We have a Refrigerator for anything that needs to be kept chilled. If you are measuring out your dog’s meals, we recommend adding an extra meal or two, just in case your travels are delayed and your dog needs to stay with us longer than expected. If we need to provide food for any reason, we charge $1/cup and give WELLNESS CORE. WE provide stainless steel dishes for food and water. You do not need to bring your own dishes unless your dog has a special bowl, like a slow feeding bowl for example.


It is your discretion on whether your dog receives treats while staying with us and how many treats can be given. We have miscellaneous flavors of Wet Nose dog biscuits and Milk Bones we can give as complimentary treats. You are also welcome to bring your dog’s own treats to be given instead. We understand some dogs have allergies or are on a diet so they cannot be given certain treats. Be prepared for us to ask for instructions regarding treats at Check-in.


Bringing Toys and/or Bedding is optional. Your dog will have access to their own toys/treats only while in their individual rooms. We have community toys that we use in our play yards and you will see we have multiple toys that are the same so it lessens the chance of dogs competing over a “special toy.” We provide Kuranda Beds (doggy cots) with every room. You are welcome to bring a blanket or towel from your home to put on the cot. If you choose to bring in a big fluffy bed, we may remove the cot, so the bedding isn’t taking up a majority of their room. You can bring a crate, which we always leave the door open so your dog can choose when to go in and out of their crate while in their room. If your dog has an accident on its bedding, we will pull it out of their room but WE DO NOT LAUNDER ANY BEDDING! If you think your dog may have accidents, it’s a good idea to bring extra blankets so we have can replace the “dirty” blanket with a clean one.

If you have any other questions about our dog boarding services, please don’t hesitate to contact us!